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Accessing Planview Roadmaps

Accessing Planview Roadmaps

You can access Planview Roadmaps from Planview Admin or from a Roadmaps URL. For information about access permissions, see About Access Permissions for Planview Roadmaps

To access Planview Roadmaps directly

  1. Access the URL for your geographic location:

To access Planview Roadmaps from Planview Admin

  1. Log into Planview Admin.
  2. On the Overview tab, click Planview Roadmaps.

Showing/Hiding the Items Pane

To show/hide the cards pane, click the Show Cards/Hide Cards icon bulleted_lines_three_dk_gray_vertical_CC.png

Changing the Timescale

To change the timescale (for example, weeks, months, quarters) displayed in the roadmap, click the timescale list calendar_dk_gray_CC.png and then select the timescale option.

Starting the Timescale from the current date

To view the current date in the timescale, click  go-to-today.png Go to today.