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Connected OKRs

Connected OKRs are objectives in a parent-child relationship where one objective is in Planview AgilePlace and the other is in Planview Portfolios, sharing data across the Planview platform. For example, if you are using Planview Portfolios for funding and investment capacity planning and Planview AgilePlace for program/work delivery, you can use connected OKRs to link objectives in the two products. A parent objective can be in either product.

Connected OKRs support bidirectional editing, which enhances cross-platform collaboration and empowers users in both Planview AgilePlace and Planview Portfolios to have greater control over the OKR information that pertains to their respective areas of work. Users can edit connected OKRs in either product as follows:

  • Planview AgilePlace users: In Planview AgilePlace, you can edit and update the information of a connected Planview Portfolios OKR.
  • Planview Portfolios users: In Planview Portfolios, you can edit and update the information of a connected Planview AgilePlace OKR.

The scope type of a connected OKR indicates whether the objective is from Planview AgilePlace or Planview Portfolios.

The following video demonstrates using connected OKRs.

Connecting Portfolio and Work Delivery OKRs

To use connected OKRs with Planview AgilePlace, a Planview Portfolios user must have access to the Planview AgilePlace board that contains the objective. Similarly, an Planview AgilePlace user must have access to an objective's strategic entity in Planview Portfolios to connect to that objective. However, once an OKR has a parent-child relationship between the two products, any user on the Planview AgilePlace board has access to see the relevant strategy portfolio in Planview Portfolios.

For details about using OKRs in Planview AgilePlace, see Understanding OKRs.

For details about using OKRs in Planview Portfolios, see Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).


OKR Scope Types

With OKRs, the scope is the combination of activities and people that are needed to complete a purpose. A set of OKRs can then measure that purpose.

The following table describes the supported scope types.

Scope Type Purpose

For objectives in Planview Portfolios. This scope type is useful for measuring the value of investment decisions. 

Board For objectives in Planview AgilePlace. This scope type is useful for measuring agile delivery.

The following image shows a Scope type list with the options for an objective.


Click to expand or shrink

The Scope type options for an objective




Connected OKRs in the Digital Product Insights Connected Dashboard

You can also use connected OKRs in the Digital Product Insights connected dashboard, an interactive Power BI report that uses Power BI analytics to visualize strategy, OKR, and value stream data from Planview Portfolios, Planview OKRs, and Planview Viz. You can view the Digital Product Insights connected dashboard as a Planview Portfolios tile on the My Overview ribbon or on the Strategy Portfolio View ribbon.

For more information, see Digital Product Insights Connected Dashboard.


Digital Product Insights connected dashboard

Example of the Digital Product Insights connected dashboard