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Planview Customer Success Center

Adding milestones to a roadmap

You can add milestones to mark significant events or dates in the roadmap.

  1. Click plus_sign_in_circle_dk_gray_CC.png  Add milestone.
  2. Click Add. The Add milestone dialog appears.
  3. Enter the name, date, and description for the milestone.
  4. To change the color, select a different color from the list.
  5. Click Add. The milestone appears in the roadmap.

Showing/hiding milestones on a roadmap

By default, the milestone marker and a vertical line appear on the milestone's date the roadmap. You can show both the marker and date line, just the marker, or hide both.

To view the description of the milestone, hover over the milestone name.

To show just the milestone markers, click milestone.png > Show milestones only.

To show both the milestone markers and date line, click milestone.png > Show milestones with date lines.

To hide the milestones entirely, click milestone.png > Hide milestones.