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Viewing Items in the Timeline

This article covers procedures that change only how the items are displayed in the timeline and do not affect item data.


Viewing Item details

You can view partial details by pointing to the item in the timeline. which displays the planned start and finish dates and the custom attribute value if used for color coding. Imported cards also include the status.

To view all item details, click the item. The details pane appears on the right side.



Color Coding Roadmap Items

You can display the roadmap items in the colors that correspond to a standard or custom item attribute.

Click Color by and then select the item attribute. 



Grouping Items in a Timeline

You can group items in a roadmap based on standard attributes of the items. You can also create custom attributes by which the items can be grouped. 

To group items in a roadmap

Click Group by and then select the item attribute.



Hiding Empty "Group by" Sections in a Timeline

You can turn on a setting so that only the "group by" sections that include items are displayed and the empty ones are hidden.

To hide the empty "group by" sections, click Group by and then select the Hide empty groups check box.

To show the empty sections, click Group by and then select the Hide empty groups check box.



Viewing Differences Between Dates for Roadmap Items and Source Items

When you add items from other Planview products, the items are displayed in the roadmap according to their planned start and finish dates. Subsequent changes to the planned dates in the other product are not automatically changed in Planview Roadmaps.

To view the differences in dates for items in the roadmap as compared to the source product

Click Date Difference. An orange line appears at the bottom of items for which the planned dates in the roadmap are different from the source items in the other product. 

To update the planned dates to match the source items

  1. Click the item card in the Items pane or the item bar in the timeframe.
  2. In the details pane, do one of the following:
    • To update all dates for the item, click Update at the top of the details pane.
    • To update a planned start or planned finish date, click Update below the date field.
  3. Click Save.



Exporting a Roadmap as a PNG file

You can create a snapshot in PNG format of an entire roadmap or only the items included within a specific time range.

  1. Click more ellipsis_CC.png > Export roadmap. The Export roadmap as PNG file dialog appears.
  2. All items are exported by default.
  3. To export only the items that are within a time range:
    1. Select Export items within a time range.
    2. Select the start and end dates for the time range.
  4. Click the Export as PNG button.