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Managing Items

These procedures result in changes to item data.


Editing Item Details

You can edit all of the item details for items that you create. You cannot edit item details that come from another product, such as status or type data. The exception is the planned dates, which are maintained separately on the roadmap item from the source item.

  1. Click the item.
  2. In the details pane, edit the fields.
  3. Click Save.



Moving Items in the Timeline

You can move items in the timeline in the following ways:

  • drag the left or right end of the item bar along the timeline to change the planned start or planned finish date
  • drag the item bar horizontally forward or backward in the timeline, which changes the planned start and end dates, but maintains the same duration between them.
  • if the items are grouped by a custom attribute created in Roadmaps, you can move the items between the groups, which automatically changes the attribute value accordingly. 
  • if items are grouped by an attribute that originates from another product, they cannot be moved between groups.



When you move items in the timeline, the changes are saved immediately.


To move an item

Click it and then drag it to the desired location.



To maintain the same timeframe when moving an item, press and hold the Shift key while you move the item.


To move just the planned start or finish date

Point to the end of the item bar and when the cursor changes to expand-columns.png, drag it to the desired date.