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Planview OKRs Product Releases



Planview OKRs functionality is a shared service with a release cycle that is separate from Planview Portfolios. Enhancements and fixes to main OKR functionality that are not related to the Planview Portfolios user interface will be released on a continuous release cycle.



October 2023 Release Notes

Release date: October 19, 2023

New Features and Updates

  • Custom Attributes: Planview OKRs can now include custom attributes, which are options with customized values that can help you capture and track more specific data that matches your organization's needs. Learn how to configure custom attributes in Planview Admin.

  • Accessing OKR Data with OData: You can now use OData as a data source for getting objective and key result (OKR) data from Planview OKRs across Planview Portfolios and Planview AgilePlace to create reports with Microsoft Power BI. Learn more about the OData options.



July 2023 Release Notes

Release date: July 24, 2023

New Features and Updates

  • Product Name on OKRs Excel Download: With the release of connected OKRs, you can now easily identify which product (AgilePlace or Portfolios) your parent or child objective is connected to, ensuring better clarity and management.

  • New Field on Objective and Key Results Screens: We have introduced a new description field, Description, which allows you to add contextual and supplementary information to your OKRs, significantly enhancing clarity and understanding.

  • Updates to OKR Health Logic

    • Improved the On-Track/Behind Logic: We have made significant enhancements to the on-track/behind logic for OKRs. By fine-tuning the calculations, we now offer more precise assessments of OKR progress.

    • Removed the Trend Line: We have removed the dotted trend line from the Objective and Key Result report tiles to avoid potential misinterpretations when dealing with multiple OKRs with varying time frames.



    All other aspects of OKR Health Logic remain unchanged.


Resolved Issues

  • We have fixed a few important bugs that were affecting the performance and functionality of the OKRs platform. These fixes address issues related to performance slowdowns, incorrect progress tracking, and improved data synchronization.



June 2023 Release Notes

Release date: June 22, 2023

New Features

  • Connected OKRs across Planview Portfolios and AgilePlace: Customers can leverage the connected OKR framework to share objectives from the portfolio down to the teams with a new Scope filter in the Objective screen:

    • Select the Board scope to align to objectives in AgilePlace.
    • Select the Strategy scope to align to the objectives in Planview Portfolios.
    • For more information on connected OKRs, see both the Portfolios documentation and AgilePlace documentation.