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Adding items to a roadmap

There are two ways to add an item to the roadmap:

  • create an item specifically for the roadmap, for which you specify all of the attribute (field) values
  • import an item from another Planview product – the resulting imported item includes attributes from the source item on the product

About items imported from other Planview products

When you add an item from another Planview product, values for some of its basic attributes are included, such as parent, type, status, and start and finish dates. If the imported item includes values for the dates, the item is automatically added to the roadmap timeline. Otherwise, the item is added to the list of items to be added in the left pane.

The following attributes are also available for Planview Roadmaps for Enterprise only:

  • AgilePlace custom drop-down fields
  • single-select alternate structure attributes from Portfolios can be configured for use in roadmaps

Updates to the attributes in the source product are automatically updated on the imported item on the roadmap, with the following exceptions:

  • Start and finish dates are not updated automatically. You can review the differences and then update the dates as required. For more information, see Viewing Items in the Timeline
  • Options that are renamed or deleted from custom dropdown attributes in AgilePlace are not automatically updated or removed from imported items. 


To create an item

  1. Click plus_sign_in_circle_dk_gray_CC.png Add item
  2. Enter a name for the roadmap and then press Enter. The item appears in the items list in the left panel and remains there until you drag it to the timeline or add planned dates to it.
  3. To add a description and planned dates to the item, click the item. The item details appear in the details panel to the right.
  4. Add the details and then click Save. If you added both a planned start and a planned finish date, then the item appears in the timeline; otherwise the item appears only in the items list.



To import an existing item from Planview AgilePlace



Cards in the Finished – Ready to Archive lane in AgilePlace cannot be imported.


  1. Click plus_sign_in_circle_dk_gray_CC.png Add item > Add items from > AgilePlace. The Add items dialog appears.
  2. To search for cards, enter the search text from the card title or header and then press Enter.
  3. To search for cards in a specific board:
    1. Search for the board name in the Board field and select a board.
    2. To filter the cards by their assigned lanes, click in the Lane field and then select one or more lanes.
    3. To filter the cards by a card type, select the type in the Card type list.
  4. Select one or more cards to be added to the roadmap.
  5. To view only the currently selected cards, click the Selected items tab.
  6. To add the cards to the roadmap, click Add selected items



To import an existing item from Planview Portfolios



This functionality is available only for users with the Enterprise subscription type. 


You can import existing work, strategy, or outcome items from Planview Portfolios as roadmap items:

  • for strategy and outcome items, you can import items from the lowest level items in the structure hierarchy
  • for work items, you can import the primary planning level item in the structure hierarchy



You can import only the items from the strategy, outcome, and work entities that you have view access to in Planview Portfolios.


When you import these items, the following attributes are included:

  • Work Type: Execution Type
  • Work Dates: Actual/Schedule Start; Actual/Schedule Finish
  • Outcome Type: Outcome Type
  • Outcome Dates: Target Start; Target Finish
  • Strategy Dates: Target Start; Target Finish
  • Strategy Type: Strategy Type
  1. Click plus_sign_in_circle_dk_gray_CC.png Add item >  Portfolios > Entity type (Outcome, Strategy, or Work). The Add Items dialog appears.
  2. Search for entity items to be added:
    1. In the Search name of the entity field, enter the name or partial name of the entity item.
    2. To display the items in a portfolio, in the Search by portfolio field, select a portfolio, or search for and then select a portfolio. 
    3. To sort the entity items by data in a column, click in the column header.
  3. Select one or more items to be added.
  4. To view only the selected items, click the Selected items tab.
  5. To add the selected items, click Add selected items.