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Creating custom attributes for Roadmap items

You can create custom attributes with color-coded values that you can then assign to items for grouping. For example, you could create an attribute called Priority with values and colors of High (red), Medium (yellow) and Low (green). 

When you group roadmap items by a custom attribute, the attribute values are displayed in the roadmap in the order that they are listed in the Add attribute dialog, but you can move them as required. 

  1. Click ellipsis_CC.png > Configuration. The Roadmap configuration dialog appears.
  2. Click the Item attributes tab. 
  3. Click Add attribute.
  4. Enter a name for the attribute.
  5. To add attribute values:
    1. Click plus_sign_in_circle_dk_gray_CC.png Add attribute value.
    2. Enter a name and select a color for the value.
    3. When you are finished adding values, click Update.
  6. To move an attribute value up or down in the list, point to grab-dots-vertical.png and drag the value to the desired position.
  7. To prevent the attribute from being displayed in roadmap, clear the check box.
  8. To save the attribute and its values, click Save.
  9. You can add the custom attribute to items in the Details pane for the item.