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Planview Customer Success Center

Adding items to a roadmap

There are two ways to add an item to the roadmap:

  • create an item specifically for the roadmap, for which you specify all of the attribute (field) values
  • add an item from another product – the resulting linked item includes attributes from the source item on the product

To create an item

  1. Click plus_sign_in_circle_dk_gray_CC.png Add item
  2. Enter a name for the roadmap and then press Enter. The item appears in the items list in the left panel and remains there until you drag it to the timeline or add planned dates to it.
  3. To add a description and planned dates to the item, click the item. The item details appear in the details panel to the right.
  4. Add the details and then click Save. If you added both a planned start and a planned finish date, then the item appears in the timeline; otherwise the item appears only in the items list.

To add an existing item from Planview AgilePlace

  1. Click plus_sign_in_circle_dk_gray_CC.png Add item > Add from AgilePlace. The Add Items from AgilePlace dialog appears.
  2. To filter the list of cards based on a board:
    1. Do one of the following:
      • To filter based on a board from which one or more cards have already been added, click the Filter by board arrow.
      • To search for a board, enter the name or partial name of the board in the Filter by board field.
    2. Select the board.
  3. To search for cards:
    1. Enter the search text from the card title or header and then press Enter.
    2. Select one or more cards to be added to the roadmap.
  4. To view only the selected cards, enable View only selected items.
  5. To add the cards to the roadmap, press Add