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Planview Customer Success Center

Managing User Access to a Roadmap

For information about access permissions, see About Access Permissions for Planview Roadmaps

To manage user access to a roadmap

  1. In the roadmap, click the private lock.png or shared users-group.png icon. The Manage user access to roadmap dialog appears.
  2. To share the roadmap with other users, click Give access to specific people.
  3. To give a user access to the roadmap:
    1. Search for the user by name or email address and then select the user from the list. The user is added and given Viewer access.
    2. To give the user edit access, click Viewer and then select Editor.
  4. To change the access for a user, click the current access option and then select the other option.
  5. To view the email address for a user, hover over the user name.
  6. To remove access for a user, click  ellipsis_CC.png > Remove access.
  7. To save the changes, click Save.