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About Access Permissions for Planview Roadmaps

When you first create a roadmap, you are automatically designated as the owner and the roadmap is private, which means only you and Planview Roadmap administrators can view it.

As the roadmap owner, you can:

  • view and edit all roadmap data
  • share the roadmap with other users by giving them Viewer or Editor access
  • transfer ownership to another user, after which you will automatically be removed as the owner and given Editor access to the roadmap
  • delete the roadmap



  • Roadmap owners have complete view and edit access to their own roadmaps. Planview Roadmap administrators can do everything roadmap owners can do to all roadmaps. 
  • To view an item in a roadmap that was imported from another Planview product, users require at least view access to the item in the source product.
  • To access the Planview Roadmaps for Enterprise functionality, users require the Enterprise subscription type. For more information about Planview Roadmaps for Enterprise, see Roadmaps for Enterprise – Getting Started Guide].
  • All users can view dependencies in roadmaps that have been shared with them by a user with an Enterprise subscription type.


Viewers can change the options that affect how the roadmap data is displayed:

  • view roadmap items and milestones
  • change color by and group by settings
  • view date difference information
  • change the timescale
  • export the roadmap

Editors can change the view options as well as the data in the roadmap:

  • edit, create, and delete items, milestones, and item attributes
  • change configuration settings
  • delete items, milestones, and item attributes