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Setting up Planview Roadmaps (Planview Admin)


Setting up Planview Roadmaps includes the following steps:

  1. Adding the Planview Roadmaps product environment to Planview Admin. For information on how to do this, see Managing Products.
  2. Giving users access to Planview Roadmaps.
  3. Assigning Planview Roadmap roles to users.



All of these steps must be performed in Planview Admin by an administrator.


Giving Users Access to Planview Roadmaps

  1. Add the users to Planview Admin. For more information, see Managing Users.
  2. In Planview Admin, click Users.
  3. In the Users screen, locate the user, and then click Planview Admin - action menu.png > Edit user. The Edit user dialog appears.
  4. In the Product environments section, select the Planview Roadmaps check box.
  5. Click Save.

Assigning Roadmap Roles to Users

There are two Roadmap roles that can be assigned to users in Planview Admin: 

  • User – can create roadmaps and share roadmaps with other Planview Roadmap users, and can view roadmaps that have been shared with them 
  • Admin – can access and manage all roadmaps, including sharing, transferring ownership, and deleting roadmaps
  1. In Planview Admin, click Products.
  2. On the Planview Roadmaps tile, click Manage Product.
  3. In the Mapped Users view, locate the user.
  4. On the user row, click Planview Admin - action menu.png > Set Role: User or Set Role: Admin.