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Planview.Me product releases


Planview.Me February 2024 release notes



Release notes for Planview.Me are published on Fridays and include the enhancements and fixed issues that were deployed during that week.


February 15, 2024

Fixed issues

  • Roadmaps widget – "Go to the Roadmap" link is available when the user does not have access to the roadmap.
  • Dates are displayed in "mm/dd/yyyy" format regardless of the browser language setting.

February 6, 2024

Fixed issues

We fixed the following issues found in the Planview.Me settings in Planview Admin:

  • When there are a large number of Planview.Me views in the list, the vertical scroll does not scroll far enough to display the bottom two views/rows.
  • OKR Progress widget:
    • Minimum section height in the designer cuts off the bottom row of data when the OKR Progress widget is displayed in Planview.Me
    • In the Configure widget dialog for the OKR Progress widget, users without access to AgilePlace cannot select the All a user has access to option and save the configuration.



Planview.Me General availability

Release date: January 8, 2024

This is the general availability (GA) release of Planview.Me. Planview.Me is a shared capability feature that collects and displays data from other Planview products. Included in this release are:

  • Planview.Me – The new standalone Planview.Me page displays the active layout configured and enabled by the Planview Admin administrator. It is available from the product switcher to all end users that have been added to the Planview.Me product, but it displays only the data that the current user has access to. 
  • Planview.Me functionality added to Planview Admin includes:
    • Planview.Me views list – A collection of views created by administrators, which contain various widget layouts and configurations. Only one view can be active at a time and it is available to all users with Planview.Me access. 
    • Planview.Me Designer – A component for setting up view layouts, adding widgets from the available widget library, and configuring the data displayed in the widgets.