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Planview Customer Success Center

Getting started with Planview.Me


  • One or more Planview platform products, enabled on Planview Admin
  • To view data, users require view access permissions to the data in the source product.
  • To edit data, users require edit access permissions to the data in the source product

Setting up Planview.Me in Planview Admin (administrators)

Setting up Planview.Me includes the following steps, all of which must be performed in Planview Admin by an administrator.

  1. Add the Planview.Me production or sandbox environment to Planview.Me. For more information, see Managing Products



    You can add one production environment and one primary sandbox environment for Planview.Me. 


  2. Assign users to the Planview.Me product. For more information, see Managing Users.
  3. Create Planview.Me view and activate a Planview.Me view. For more information, see see Managing Planview.Me Views.

Working with Planview.Me (users)

Accessing Planview.Me

You can access Planview.Me the following ways:

  • from any Planview platform product by clicking the Planview product switcher tools_dk_gray_CC.png
  • from the Overview tab in Planview Admin

Working with widgets

The way that you interact with each widget is different. For information about using a specific widget, see the Planview.Me widget library (users).

For information about configuring a widget, see Planview.Me widget library (administrators)