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Planview Customer Success Center


What is Planview.Me?

Planview.Me is a new visually immersive, actionable, and personalized user experience. With Planview.Me, you can customize your Planview experience to highlight the data and details you need to get work done. Planview.Me enables you to quickly and easily make business decisions and take the necessary actions to accelerate the outcomes that matter the most to your business.

What value does Planview.Me provide to my organization? 

Planview.Me provides easy one-click access to insights a user needs to get work done. The new look and feel are designed to increase a user’s ability to work within a user-friendly, modern interface that surfaces the information important to their role. Planview.Me allows anyone within the organization to engage and interact with the Planview Platform from a single view. It provides an action-oriented user experience tailored to the user’s particular data and insight needs.

Additionally, Planview.Me allows your users to create their experience based on status, progress, and other data-oriented use cases while providing details on where to focus, issues to address, and risks to mitigate.

To recap, Planview.Me redefines how work gets done by:

  • Empowering users to review, investigate, react, and resolve issues within a single view.
  • Providing one-click access to the most-used actions with very minimal training.
  • Enabling the ability to tap into and harness the power of your entire Planview Platform from a consolidated view curated just for you.
  • Providing end-to-end visibility across strategy, planning, and delivery data across your entire organization.
  • Granting access and insight into the whole business to drive the best strategic decisions for your organization.

Is Planview.Me just a Planview Platform dashboard? 

No. While Planview.Me may look like a dashboard at first glance, it’s much more. The Planview.Me experience combines the power of a dashboard with the ability to take action, investigate, respond, and react. Your users can fulfill key actions such as approving an assignment, adjusting a roadmap, or editing card details. 

Will there be a cost for Planview.Me? 

No, you will get access to Planview.Me at no additional cost.

How can our organization enable Planview.Me? 

Planview.Me will be available in the product switcher in the Planview products you use today. Customers must be onboarded to Planview Admin, and views for Planview.Me must be created, configured and shared with users in Planview Admin.

Have questions? Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or Planview Customer Care.