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Editing a Financial-Planning Version

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To edit a financial-planning version:

  1. On the appropriate row, click the action menu button and then click Configure Versions.

  2. Click the action menu, and then click Edit Version.

  3. On the Edit/Add Version screen that appears, modify the version's information and set edit and load rules as needed. For details, see the table that follows this procedure. Note: Before making your changes, you should be familiar with the business rules that apply to loading models and versions.

    Note: If you are editing a baseline or forecast version, the Baseline or Forecast check box is grayed out (respectively) because you cannot remove the baseline version or the forecast version. You can mark another version as Baseline or Forecast, but you must always have a baseline version and a forecast version.

Edit/Add Version Screen Elements

Business Rules that Apply to Loading Models and Versions