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Planview Customer Success Center

Power BI Security Setup

When a customer configures one of the two tiles (Premium or Personal Workspace), Planview makes a request to the customer’s Administrator to obtain access to their environment. 

PBIsecurity_1.png   PBIsecurity_2.png

Figure 1 and 2 - Permission Request and Details

There are three methods for exposing Power BI analytics within a tile in Planview Enterprise One:

  1. An Enterprise One Power BI Analytic – this is an analytic using only Enterprise One data sources (oData or Tabular Model) that is uploaded into the Planview reporting farm (Administration > Reporting Content).
  2. A Premium Power BI Analytic – this is a Power BI analytic that is hosted in Microsoft’s reporting cloud.  It uses your premium capacity there.
  3. A Personal Workspace Analytic – this is set up by an individual user to access their own personal workspace. These analytics are not visible to other users within Enterprise One.


Figure 3 - Enterprise One Power BI Analytic and Premium Power BI Analytic



Figure 4 - Personal Workspace Analytic

Options 2 and 3 require elevated permissions and would result in security notifications. Option 3 can be turned off in the global options.

If you deny the requests it will have no impact on option 1; those are only for 2 and 3.