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Projects and Work

Project and work management is a core function of Planview Portfolios, and involves managing discrete work initiatives in terms of schedule, effort, and cost. In Planview Portfolios, all projects and other discrete, individual work initiatives are called work. What separates projects from other types of work is the size and complexity of the effort. Projects tend to be more detailed and warrant more rigor in scheduling. Managing other types of work tends to be high level. 

The Work menu on the Planview Portfolios menu bar provides a central location to work with work portfolios and individual work items. For help with menus, see Menu Basics.



The navigation pane on the left of this screen lists the product help articles for managing work. Expand or collapse levels in the navigation pane as needed and click the article you want.



Self-paced courses on project and work management are available in the Planview Training Academy.



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