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Execute and Track Progress

Capability Definition Business Outcomes
  • Governance Process for the Execution/Delivery of Projects
  • Controls the progression of a project through the execution/delivery process (stages).
  • Progression from one stage to the next is controlled through a gate based process.
  • Process and governance framework for progressing investments and projects through their lifecycle.
  • Governance ensures that decisions and approvals are made by the right people, based on structured and complete data about the current state of each entity.
  • Governance ensures that specific criteria are met before an entity is approved to move forward to the next stage in the governance process.
  • Support the reassessment of demand and projects at “gates” in the delivery process where the strategic alignment and business case for an investment is continually reassessed.
  • Drive improved delivery of investments on time (to market) and on budget by ensuring quality criteria are met, and deliverables produced, before a project or investment proceeds to the next stage in the delivery process.

Understanding the Progressing Engine: information about how the Progressing Engine helps project and resource managers to gain understanding of the "progress" of projects (work).