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Work Financial Planning

Capability Definition Business Outcomes
  • Determine the overall costs and effort required to deliver an investment or project and the resulting benefits or revenue that the investment will deliver.
  • Can be part of an annual planning process, quarterly planning process or an on-going process to consider new investments for inclusion in the portfolio.
  • The determination of financial metrics, such as RoI and IRR which will feed the Investment Approval process.
  • Typically carried out prior to the development of a schedule (plan) to deliver an investment or project, this planning is carried out at a high level in the Planview Financial Planning screens.
  • This capability manages the financial plan and summarized high level effort data, associated with each project.
  • Financial Management capability supports:
    • Creation of high level estimates, feeding the investment approval/portfolio planning process.
    • Approved/baseline budget
    • Actuals to date
    • Forecast to complete
    • Variance reporting
  • Financial Plan data feeds upwards into the portfolio planning (Investment Management) capabilities
  • Each project will be monitored, based on the project status reporting cycle, against the current approved baseline, for the estimate to complete, the current actuals are, and what has been forecasted.
  • Projects that are significantly over spending will be visible, allowing early interventions to bring back into tolerance.
  • Under spending projects (in terms of costs and effort) can be identified to see where funds or capacity can be reallocated to other projects.
  • Investment financial business case can be developed and consolidated in the system, subject to an approval/review process and the financial data used in the portfolio planning and investment approval process.
  • There is a single organization wide view of project costs as projects move through the delivery process.
  • The project financial spend rate, against an approved project budget, is accurate and variances against the approved budget can be identified.