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Strategy View Screen Basics

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Tabs of the Strategy View Screen

The following table describes the predefined set of tabs the application supports for the Strategy View screen, but your administrator controls which of those tabs are enabled for you on the screen. Your administrator can also configure the application to support additional tabs on the screen. For details on such tabs, contact your administrator.



Tabs marked with an asterisk in the following table are available as links on the Strategy Detail screen, which is a condensed version of the Strategy View screen that is accessible from other parts of the user interface, such as the Investment and Capacity Planning screen and some entity View screens. The Strategy Detail screen also includes a link to the Strategy View screen.





Displays details about the selected strategy and its attributes. For help on editing that information, see Reviewing or Modifying a Strategy’s Details.


Displays a screen that either allows you to assign a lifecycle to the selected strategy or review information about a lifecycle associated with the selected strategy; available only if the strategy is already associated with a lifecycle and your administrator enabled the Enable Strategic Lifecycles global option.


Lets you review the attributes of the selected strategic entity's dependencies as well as create, edit, and delete such dependencies.


Displays schedule dates as well as milestone and release information for the selected strategy. 

The tab is available for all strategic entities at or below the minimum strategic scheduling level an administrator defined. Your organization decides how far up the Strategy structure scheduling information is rolled up.

Associated Work*

Lets you review and modify the financial allocated percentages of work items currently associated with the strategic entity, delete such associations, and display the Work Detail screen for the relevant work item. as well as delete such associations.

On the tab, you can associate work with the selected strategic entity by clicking +New Association New Association ​​​​​​and then selecting the appropriate work in the Data Picker. The work you can select depends on whether the Enforce Strategic Grants when Associating Work to Strategy rule is enabled or disabled.

Associated Outcomes*

Lets you review and modify the financial allocated percentages of outcomes currently associated with the strategic entity, delete such associations, and display the Outcome Detail screen for the relevant outcome​​​. as well as delete such associations. The tab is displayed only for outcomesoutcomes​​​ at the lowest level of the Outcome structure. The tab is available only if your system is configured for outcome portfolio management.

On the tab, you can associate outcomes with the selected strategic entity by clicking +New Association New Association ​​​​​​and then selecting the appropriate outcomes in the Data Picker. The outcomes you can select depend on whether the Enforce Outcome Grants when Associating Strategy to Outcome rule is enabled or disabled.



Elements of the Screen's Strategy Detail Tile

The following table describes the elements of the the Strategy Detail tile, which provides the same information as the Strategy Detail screen.