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Inactivating Line Attributes of a Financial-Planning Account

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Why Inactivate Line Attributes?

Inactivate line attributes of a financial-planning account if you don't want new lines with those attributes to be included in loads that occur after the attribute is made inactive.

Inactivate a Line's Attributes

Repeat the following procedure for each account line on which you want to inactivate attributes.

To inactivate a line's attributes:

  1. On the relevant financial-planning model's row, click the action menu > Configure Accounts.

  2. On the relevant account line's row, select the check box in the Use Account column.

  3. On the same row, set the Line Definition column's value to Required or Optional. For more information, see Setting an Account's Line Attributes.

  4. If you made any changes in steps 5 or 6, click Save.

  5. In the Line Attributes column on the same row, click .

  6. In the Use Attribute column, select the check box of each attribute you want to inactivate.

  7. In the Inactive column, select the appropriate check boxes.



    • An inactive attribute won't be used for new lines in loads performed after you complete this procedure, 
    • Data that exists for an attribute prior to it becoming inactive is maintained and treated as valid.



    example of the screen with some check boxes selected in the screen's Inactive column

    Inactive column of the Configure Line Attributes screen




    • The order in which the Configure Line Attributes screen lists line attributes determines how line descriptions are listed on other screens. You rearrange attributes by clicking Move Up and Move Down as needed and then clicking Save.
    • You can also use the Configure Line Attributes screen to set an account's line attributes and protect lines from being overwritten.


  8. Click Save & Close.


Prerequisites (Why can't I inactivate line attributes?)

If you can't inactivate line attributes of a financial-planning account, ensure that the following prerequisites are met.

User Role Features

The following feature must be enabled on your user role.

Enabled Global or System Options


  • None

Additional Prerequisites