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Loading Data into a Financial Plan

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General Information on Loading a Financial Plan

The Work Load allow execution data (actual labor effort, scheduled effort, and actual and planned expenditures) to be loaded into work financial plans. Typically this is done as part of a weekly or daily automated process, and no manual action is needed. Occasionally one may want to do a manual load to update one individual project, or a portfolio of projects. Manual loads are useful when there are many resource or schedule changes to the project plan, to see how the changes affect the financial plan for the project before the next scheduled load occurs. 

Depending on configuration settings, other loads such as the Strategic Load, Outcome Load, Capacity Load, or Demand Load may also be needed. 

For information on the required options, required features, grants, and other prerequisites that must be met before you load data into a financial plan, see Business Rules of Financial Management and Financial Planning



About the Data Loaded into Financial Plans

As the following table indicates, the information the application loads into a financial plan depends on what type of plan it is. Before loading such information, you should be familiar with the business rules that apply to loading data into financial plans. If you experience trouble loading information into a financial plan, see the business rules that apply to loading models and versions.

For This Type of Financial Plan…

The Application Loads…


The following information for the projects for which you are loading financial planning data:

  • Labor data pertaining to the requirements, allocations, and reserves defined for the relevant projects.
  • Time reported values.
  • Actual and planned expenditures if you designate you want to load such expenditures.
  • Unplanned expenditures.


Financial-planning data of work plans that contain information from the projects allocated to the strategic entities for which you are loading financial-planning data.

Cost center

The resource capacity for all resources associated with the given cost centers. When loading a resource's data into a cost center financial plan, the resource's calendar is applied so the application can calculate capacity and reduce the overall capacity by any standard activities the resource is assigned to.



Loading data into a work financial plan is based on utilization, but loading data into a cost center financial plan is based on capacity.



Financial-planning data of work financial plans that contain information from the projects associated with the outcomes for which you are loading financial-planning data.



Business Rules for Loading Models and Versions



Business Rules for Loading Data into Financial Plans