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Setting an Account's Line Attributes

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Why Set an Account's Line Attributes?

Set line attributes of a financial-planning model's accounts to help classify the model's financial data by alternate structures.

Set an Account's Line Attributes

To set an account's line attributes:

  1. On the appropriate row, click the action menu > Configure Accounts.

  2. In the Use Account column, select the account's check box.

  3. If the account's entry in the Line Definition column is set to Not Allowed, take the following steps:

    1. Double-click the column.

    2. Click Down Arrow button.

    3. Click Required or Optional to designate whether you want to require users to define the line in a  financial plan.

  4. In the Line Attributes column, click  on the row relevant to the account

    The line attributes listed on the Configure Line Attributes screen depend on the type of financial-planning model for which you are configuring accounts. For additional business rules, see this article's Dig Deeper section.


    screen example

    Example Configure Line Attributes screen





  5. In the Use Attribute column, select the check box of each line attribute you want the account configuration to include.

    For a Depreciation Account (of type Amortized Cost), the selected attributes must be a subset of the attributes of the Capital Account associated with that type of Depreciation Account. 

  6. In the Entry Required column, select the check box of each attribute for which you want financial planning to require data to be entered.

  7. Click Save & Close.



Dig Deeper

  • For a cost-center financial-planning model's Labor account, the following check boxes are automatically selected on the Configure Line Attributes screen. You can't change this:

    • The Use Attribute check box for attributes relevant to cost-center financial planning

    • The Entry Required check box on the row relevant to the Cost center Availability Type attribute

  • The Expenditure Type structure can be selected on all financial-planning models. Depending on the type of financial-planning model, you can also select alternate structures as discussed in the following table:


    You Can Also Select Alternate Structures Against…

    Work financial-planning models

    • $Plan for non-labor accounts
    • $Res and $Plan for labor accounts



    Shared alternate structures are considered $Res for the work load. The Work labor account can be split based on up to 20 attributes. The system counts inactive and active attributes.




    Shared alternate structures are considered $Res for the work load. The Work labor account can be split based on no more than eight attributes (three work attributes and five resource attributes). The system counts inactive and active attributes.


    Strategy financial-planning models

    $Strategy, $Res, and $Plan

    Outcome financial-planning models

    $Res, $Plan, and $Product

    Cost center financial-planning models




Prerequisites (Why can't I set an account's line attributes?)

If you can't set a financial-planning account's line attributes, ensure that the following prerequisites are met.

User Role Features

The following feature must be enabled on your user role.

Enabled Global or System Options


  • None

Additional Prerequisites