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Associating a Strategic Entity with Releases

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Associate a Strategic Entity with Releases through the Schedule Tab

To associate a strategic entity with releases through the Schedule tab:

  1. Take one of the following actions:
  • On the Strategies menu, click the relevant strategic entity and then click Strategy View. For help with menus, see Menu Basics.
  • Use the Search text box in the banner to search for a specific outcome. Then on the relevant row, click the action menu button > Strategy​​​​ View.
  1. Click the Schedule tab.
  2. Click Select Release, and then use the Data Picker to select the appropriate releases.

    A row for each release you selected is appended to the Milestones and Releases ​​​​​​section of the Schedule tab. For some business rules relevant to the tab, see this article's Dig Deeper section.


    example Schedule screen with descriptions of release-related elements

    Schedule tab after a strategic entity is associated with another release




Dig Deeper

  • The following business rules apply to the Schedule screen and Schedule tab:
    • You can't edit release names through the Schedule screen or Schedule tab because an administrator specifies those names while defining the Release structure.
    • Although you can't set release dates through the Schedule screen or Schedule tab, administrators can create configured screens that support setting release dates through the Review Releases screen.
    • On rows relevant to releases, the Target, Actual/Schedule, and Work Milestones cells are blank because they apply only to milestones.
  • You can delete a strategic entity's association with a release by clicking the action menu  > Delete on the appropriate row. Doing so doesn't delete the release.
  • On the Strategy Portfolio View screen and Outcome Portfolio View screen, clicking the action menu button > Strategy View on an appropriate row accesses the Strategy View screen. You can then click the Schedule ​​​​​​tab.
  • Depending on your system's configuration, you can also associate an outcome with releases and associate work with a release.



Prerequisites (Why can't I associate a strategic entity with releases?)

If you can't associate a strategic entity with releases, contact your administrator to ensure that the following prerequisites are met.



The prerequisites vary depending on whether you are making the association from strategic management or outcome portfolio management.


User Role Features

From Strategic Management

From Outcome Portfolio Management

Enabled Global or System Options

From Outcome Portfolio Management


  • Read-only or read/write grants to the relevant strategic entity.

Additional Prerequisites

From Strategic Management

From Outcome Portfolio Management

  • The Schedule option is configured to display on the action menus relevant to strategic entities.
  • The strategic entity is at the lowest level of the Strategy structure.
  • The strategic entity is associated with an outcome.

From Strategic Management

From Outcome Portfolio Management