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Best Practices for Onboarding Inflight Projects

Best Practice to Onboard Inflight Projects
To successfully onboard inflight projects, Work Managers should manage the dates of completed, started, and future activities using the following best practices.

1. All activities

Update the activities to the current work week using the Schedule button. The current work week is determine by the Time Now date value that is automatically advanced each week to the first working day.

2. Completed activities

Enter the Actual Start date, Actual Finish date.The actual dates columns are used to capture dates when each activity was started and finished. When the actual finish date is entered, the schedule dates of the activity will be removed, signifying that there is no remaining work.

Since there is no remaining work, the work status should be set to Completed. This action will result in all attribute information for this activity being set to read only. In order to make changes to this activity, the work status must first be set to an active status like Open/Approved.

3. Started activities

Enter the Actual Start date to capture when the activity had started.

Then enter the remainder duration for the activity. This action will result in the Schedule Start date being populated with the first day of the current week, and the Schedule Finish will be updated based on the entered duration.

Click here for detailed explanation of schedule dates, actual dates and durations.

4. Future activities

Enter the duration and plan the schedule using a combination of relationships, constraints, leads, and lads. 

Click here to view more information on how to build a project schedule.

5. Calculate the critical path

Click on the Schedule button to calculate the critical path of the activities based on the established relationships, constraints, leads and lads.

6. Create a schedule baseline

If schedule baseline is in use, it is recommended to create a baseline of your project after the schedule is completed.

Click here to learn more about how to create, update, and restore baselines.