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RES53 - Resource Portfolio Balance Dashboard


A resource portfolio report providing a count of resource attributes to aid analysis on portfolio balance.  Report can be run against and sliced by different attributes.



RES53 Resource Portfolio Balance Dashboard example



Business Outcomes

  • Visibility into the composition and balance of teams of resources.



Supporting Capabilities

  • Resource Assignments and Utilization



Administrative: User Parameter Configuration

Parameters Description Configuration Options Default/Example Settings
Choose Attribute for Chart 1:
Chart 2 Attribute:
Chart 3 Attribute:
Chart 4 Attribute:
Any single select alternates resource structure that has been enabled in Attribute properties to be Available in Configurable Charts. Any parent level in the resource breakdown structure. This will determine the (pie chart) attribute that is selected when the dashboard and report open. Chart colors will be based on the attribute charting options. pie1_attribute=restype_res
Chart Label Text Determines the chart labels for the report label_text options



Administration: Hidden Parameter Configuration

Parameters Description Configuration Options Default/Example Settings
Table Columns Report supports 4 required/grouped columns plus 2 optional columns. First three configurable values display grouped columns obs_level_2_res
Link to Work Ability to include the addition of work columns for projects related to the entities Available options include:
No (N) or Yes (Y)
Report Title Configurable report title that appears at the top of the report. If a longer report title is required, then create additional report_title=xxx entries and these will be concatenated together based on the order in which they are listed in the configuration structure. report_title=Resource Portfolio Balance Dashboard



Technical/Database Information

Report (RDL) Location …/Reports/RPM_PROD/Resource_RPM/RPM-RES53/RPM-RES53_v2.rdl
Database This report uses the transactional database and updates will be real-time.
Report Developer Info RPM-RES53_v2 RDL is a derivative of the CHART04 RDL