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REQ53 - Request Portfolio Balance Dashboard


work request portfolio report providing a count of request attributes to aid analysis on portfolio balance. Report can be run against and sliced by different attributes.



Request Portfolio Balance Dashboard example


Business Outcomes

  • Supports the tracking of performance in terms of balance and risk of the portfolio.



Supporting Capabilities

  • Requests
  • Project Monitoring and Status



Administration: User Parameter Configuration

Parameters Description Configuration Options Default/Example Settings
Choose Attribute for Chart 1:
Chart 2 Attribute:
Chart 3 Attribute:
Chart 4 Attribute:
Any request single select alternate structure that has been enabled in Attribute properties to be “Available in Configurable Charts”.
Any Lifecycle Role.            

Any parent level in the request breakdown structure .
This will determine the (pie chart) attribute that is selected when the dashboard and report open.
Chart colors will be based on the attribute charting options. 
Chart Labels: Determines the chart labels for the report. label_text options



Administration: Hidden Parameter Configuration

Parameters Description Configuration Options Default/Example Settings
Table Columns Report supports four required/grouped columns plus two optional columns. First three configurable values display grouped columns request_description
Link to Work Ability to include the addition of work columns for projects related to the entities. Available Options:
Yes (Y) or No (N)
Report Title Configurable report title that appears at the top of the report. If a longer report title is required, then create additional report_title=xxx entries and these will be concatenated together based on the order in which they are listed in the configuration structure. report_title=Request Portfolio Balance Dashboard



Technical/Database Information

Report (RDL) Location …/Reports/RPM_PROD/Requests_RPM/RPM-REQ53/RPM-REQ53_v2.rdl
Database This report uses the transactional database and updates will be real-time.
Report Developer Info RPM-REQ53_v2 RDL is a derivative of the CHART04 RDL