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REQ03 - Request Portfolio Dispatch Disposition


Work Request portfolio analytic that allows analysis of work requests to determine the outcome of work requests.

Parameters to control the time horizon, based on request creation and the work request statuses considered.



REQ03 Request Portfolio Dispatch Disposition example




Business Outcomes

  • Enable an understanding of the types of demand received, per business unit.
  • Analysis of incoming demand to determine the outcome of a work request.



Supporting Capabilities

  • Requests
  • Project Planning and Scheduling



User Guide

  • Coming soon.



Administration: User Parameter Configuration

Parameters Description Configuration Options Default/Example Settings
Category: Any work request alternate structure that is used as the slicer in the pie chart. Parameter defines the default parameter selected when user first runs the report. category=wr2_wr
Breakdown By: Controls the time phased chart. Options are week, month, quarter and year breakdown_by=month
Request Status(es): User can select one/many work request statuses by which to filter the report. Parameters define which status values are selected by default. Uses the sequence ID of the request status value. request_status=WR1$ACTIVE
Requested On Range Start/End User defines a start and end date for the selection of requests based on the date that the request was created (Requested On). Can specify a default based on a number of periods (as defined in the “Breakdown By” parameter). default_horizon=12
Report Layout: User can determine whether analytic shows chart, table or both. Available options are;
Chart only = chart < >Table Only Grouped; gives a drillable table with groupings by the slicer and category = tableTable Only Plain; gives a flat list in the table, no grouping by slicer/category = plainChart and Table Grouped = chart+tableChart and Table Plain = chart+plain 



Administration: Hidden Parameter Configuration

Parameters Description Configuration Options Default/Example Settings
Table Columns Three columns available for configuration. First column shown is the slicer, second is the category, based on the parameters.
Three configurable columns can bet added, between the First Dispatched By and the Dispatched Entity Type 
Report Title Configurable report title that appears at the top of the report. If a longer report title is required, then create additional report_title=xxx entries and these will be concatenated together based on the order in which they are listed in the configuration structure. report_title=Request Portfolio Dispatch Disposition



Technical/Database Information

Report (RDL) Location …/Reports/RPM/Request_RPM/RPM-REQ03/RPM-REQ03_v2.rdl
Database This report uses the transactional database and updates will be real-time.