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Getting Started

What Are Platform Admin and Planview ID?

Planview Platform Administration (Platform Admin) is an application for both administrators and users that simplifies the access to and management of multiple Planview applications. With Platform Admin, users can sign in to multiple Planview applications with one account from a single location. For administrators, Platform Admin is also a self-service tool that centralizes many tasks for managing Planview applications, connectors, and users (including authorization and authentication), freeing administrators from managing users in each Planview application separately and reducing the need to contact Customer Care to perform such tasks.

Platform Admin includes Planview ID, an authentication platform where each user needs only a single user name and password to access multiple Planview applications, providing an organization's users with a shared sign-in experience. Administrators can also consolidate user management with Planview ID, keeping users in sync across all supported Planview applications.                 


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Example of the Platform Admin home screen


How Do I Get Platform Admin?

Before your users and administrators can start using Planview Platform Administration (Platform Admin), you must perform some configuration steps, such as adding application environments for your Planview products, synchronizing users, and enabling Planview ID for each application.



  • Platform Admin is free and currently supports Planview Enterprise One, Planview LeanKit, Planview PPM Pro, and Planview Projectplace.
  • To add a Planview application environment to Platform Admin, you must also be an administrator in that application environment, and you must use the same email address to sign in to both.
  • To use Platform Admin with Enterprise One, you must have Enterprise One Continuous Cloud release April 2022 or later.


To set up Platform Admin for the first time:

  1. Determine which one of your users will be your first Platform Admin administrator. This first administrator can add more administrators after Platform Admin is set up for their organization.
  2. Contact Planview Customer Care to request Platform Admin for your organization, including the email address for your first Platform Admin administrator.
  3. After Customer Care enables Platform Admin, sign in at with the first Platform Admin administrator account.
  4. Add a Planview application environment to Platform Admin as follows:



    You can add multiple environments of a single Planview application, such as one production environment and multiple sandbox environments. For example, you could add one production LeanKit environment, one sandbox LeanKit environment, one production Enterprise One environment, and three sandbox Enterprise One environments.


    1. Make sure you are signed in to both Platform Admin and the Planview product you want to add with the same email address.
    2. In Platform Admin, on the Products tab, click Add Product for the Planview product for which you want to add an application environment.


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      The Products tab with no products added


    3. On the Add Product Instance to Planview ID screen, enter the URL for the Planview application environment you are adding.
    4. Click Connect.

    5. On the screen that appears, enter your Platform Admin password to confirm that you are an administrator.

    6. Click Save.

      Platform Admin automatically imports the users for the application environment and adds the tile for the application in the Our Products section.

    7. Repeat steps 4a to 4f for each application environment you want to add.

  5. For each application environment you added, audit the imported user list and reconcile any unmapped users as follows:



    Because Platform Admin uses a user’s email address to control access across applications, if a user signs in with different email addresses in different Planview applications, those email addresses must be mapped manually before the user can sign in to all available Planview applications using SSO. You should reconcile user mapping issues before enabling SSO.


    1. On the Products tab, on the application environment's product tile, click Manage Product or  action menu.png > Manage Product.

    2. If the badge number in the Unmapped Users tab is greater than 0, click the tab. If the badge number is 0, you have no unmapped users to reconcile and can skip to step 6.


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      Example of the Unmapped Users badge


    3. For each user that you want to map, click  action menu.png > Map To, then perform one of the following steps:

      • To map the user to an email address not currently used in Platform Admin, click New Planview ID. Click Map. On the Map User screen, enter the name and email address for the user you want to map to. Then click Map.

      • To map the user to an existing email address used in Platform Admin, select the user you want from the list below the search box. Then click Map.



      If you know you do not want to map a user, you can click action menu.png > Ignore and move them to the Show ignored users list.


  6. If your organization already has an SSO provider, configure your provider to work with Platform Admin.

  7. Enable SSO.