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Planview Customer Success Center

PV Admin Q1 Release Notes


March 2023

  • Enhancement: Added SAML linking directly to a product 

  • Enhancement: Added handling for localization with OKRs 

  • Fixed: OKR label mismatch when editing settings 

  • Fixed: Sync issue when name exceeded allowed length 

  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with inadvertently made OKR data inaccessible when deleting and re-adding a product 


February 2023

  • Enhancement: Added ability to create Roadmaps sandbox 

  • Enhancement: Added OKRS level settings by group 

  • Enhancement: General UI fit and finish improvements 

  • Fixed: User invite emails are sent correctly after user email address updated 

  • Fixed: Fixed issue preventing reset password email from being sent 

  • Fixed: Fixed issue where some Portfolios tenants were assigned as primary sandbox incorrectly 

  • Fixed: Resolved user sync stability issues 


January 2023

  • Enhancement: Modified SAML entity IDs to be customer specific so customers can share single sign-on configuration across organizations 

  • Enhancement: Updates SAML error message details to be more descriptive 

  • Enhancement: Updated user invite email link expiration time to 7 days 

  • Enhancement: UI enhancements for User action menus 

  • Enhancement: Added primary sandbox identification to tiles 

  • Enhancement: Added ability to perform first/last name search in Users filter 

  • Fixed: Updated user filtering to correct hide/show password login filtering 

  • Fixed: Updated UI to prevent double click when saving 

  • Fixed: UI incorrectly escaping characters in French 

  • Fixed: Unique SAML entity ID error with ProjectPlace login 

  • Fixed: Display issue with last sync details with a large number of records