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Planview Admin Features

What Can I Do in Planview Admin?

The following table describes the Planview Admin features available to users and administrators.

Feature Description
One URL to access multiple Planview products From the Overview screen of Planview Admin, users and administrators can launch any available Planview product, which provides a centralized location for accessing connected Planview products. (Users and administrators can also still use the individual URLs to access Planview products or environments.)
One account to sign in to multiple Planview products Users and administrators need only one Planview account to sign in to all connected Planview product environments.
Top-down single sign-on (SSO) management Administrators only need to set up SSO once, making it easier to handle annual certificate rotations by needing to manage only one certificate.
Planview product management, including management of multiple sandboxes Administrators can manage multiple environments for each Planview product added to Planview Admin. For example, one product could have one production and multiple sandbox environments, while another product could have two production environments and three sandboxes.
Centralized Planview account management

Administrators can keep users in sync across all connected Planview products using Planview Admin, which allows administrators to view imported users for all connected Planview products, view the current user counts for each product, audit users, manage the users' login types, and export the user list to a CSV file.

The flexibility to use SSO or password sign-ins Administrators can configure whether users sign in with a password or use SSO.
Third-party domain user management Administrators can create a single, unified password sign-in for external users or contractors across the connected Planview product environments.