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Planview Admin Settings

What Settings Can I Manage for Planview Admin?

On the Settings screen, administrators can enable global Planview Admin features to enable Planview ID functionality, enable the sending of invitation emails, and enable single sign-on (SSO) functionality.


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The Planview Admin Settings screen


The following table describes the screen elements and the tasks administrators can perform on the Settings screen of Planview Admin.

Tab Option Description
  Enable Planview ID

Enables Planview ID functionality for your organization.



Enabling Planview ID on this tab does not automatically activate Planview ID for each application environment. You must activate Planview ID individually for application environments on the Products screen.


  Send welcome emails

Enables Planview Admin to automatically send emails inviting users to create their Planview ID account.

  Enable Single Sign On

Enables the Single Sign On (SSO) functionality for your organization. If your organization already uses SSO, you must first configure your SSO provider to work with Planview Admin before enabling SSO in Planview Admin.

Enabling this option shows additional SSO configuration options. See Enabling SSO in Planview Admin for the full procedure.

  Save Saves all Planview Admin setting changes.
  Cancel Cancels any Planview Admin setting changes you made.
Services   Allows you to manage services between Planview products.
  OKRs Allows you to manage the OKR levels for objectives and key results (OKRs) for connected AgilePlace and Portfolios environments.