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Planview Admin Screen Basics

What Can I Do on the Planview Admin Home Screen?

The Overview screen, which is the Planview Admin home screen for both users and administrators, shows product tiles for each available Planview product environment connected to Planview Admin, a link to change your Planview ID password (if applicable), and a link to sign out of Planview Admin. Anyone with access to Planview Admin can click an available Planview product tile to launch that product environment in a new browser tab or window without needing to sign in separately to that environment.



Users only see the product tiles that they have access to and that have been activated for Planview Admin SSO. For example, your organization could have connected environments for AgilePlace, ProjectPlace, and PPM Pro, but a user with access to only AgilePlace and ProjectPlace will not see the PPM Pro tile. This applies to production and sandbox environments as well.


For administrators, the home screen also includes the following additional menus the top bar of the screen:

  • Users: Lists all users from all Planview product environments added to your Planview Admin, including each user's name, email address, status within Planview Admin, whether they are an administrator, and which products they have access to. You can edit a user's details, delete users, and export the user list to a CSV file. 
  • Products: Shows product tiles for each Planview product environment in Planview Admin, links to modify each environment, and links to add additional environments. 
  • Settings: Allows you to enable or disable global options for Planview Admin, such as functionality for email invitations and SSO.



Users on the Planview Admin User list are different from the mapped users within each product tile. Users listed on the Users screen show the status within Planview Admin, not the status within each product. To see status with each product, use the Mapped Users tab within each product environment.


Overview Screen Elements

The following table describes the screen elements and the tasks you can perform on this screen.

Element Description
  Planview product tiles

Allows you to access all available Planview product environments from one location without signing in again.

Click a product tile in the Products section for the product environment you want to open. Each tile represents an available Planview product environment, which can be a production or sandbox environment for an product. Your organization can have multiple tiles per Planview product.

If no tiles are visible, contact your administrator.

  User details

Shows your user details, such as your avatar (which uses your initials), your name, and your email address.

Contact your administrator to change your user name or email address.

Quick Links
  Change Password

Click to change your password if you are not set set to use SSO.

  Customer Success Center Click to access the home page of the Planview Customer Success Center, which includes information about Planview solutions as well as this product help.

Click to sign out of Planview Admin.