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Planview Customer Success Center



December 2022

  • Enhancement: Email notifications now include relevant links.


November 2022

  • Enhancement: Improved SAML login error handling

  • Enhancement: Redesigned layout for better navigation.


October 2022

  • Enhancement: Expanded SAML settings to allow Email or Unspecified as NameID format.

  • Enhancement: Improved logging for user sync from other Planview products.

  • Enhancement: Updated product descriptions. 

  • Fixed: OKR level configuration settings now load for EU users.

  • Fixed: Localization improvement to the Add User page.

  • Fixed: Improved error handling from email invites.


September 2022

  • Enhancement: Update all logos, product terms, and names in Planview Admin

  • Fixed: Added better error message when cannot create user due to long first/last name

  • Fixed: Product tiles moving in Product tab for customer

  • Fixed: Improved SAML validation handling.


August 2022

  • Enhancement: Security improvement that incorporates additional checks around the SAML Entity ID vs Assertion Issuer

  •  Enhancement: product column in User tab tooltip improvements

    • A tooltip now displays the product environment name upon hover

  • Enhancement: General user sync improvements


July 2022

  • Enhancement: Mobile experience

    • Login screen now shows the 'email' keyboard on mobile devices

    • Mobile Safari now allows users to use the tiles on 'Overview'

  • Enhancement: Added link to CSC home page under 'Quick Links'

  • Enhancement: Security improvements

  • Enhancement: Backend improvements

  • Enhancement: Added Planview ID to Azure AD Marketplace for simplified SSO setup.

  • Fixed: User grid filter now works for Portfolios Product

  • Fixed: Planview ID 'Activated' status now shows correct state always on 'Products' page

  • Fixed: Since we now always insert a first and last name for all user, we now require first and last name in the Add/Edit User UI



June 2022

  • Enhancement: Setting up Single Sign On (SSO) for Okta step guide released

  • Enhancement: UI to edit user now requires first and last name

  • Enhancement: Selection between SHA-1 and SHA-256 when managing SSO settings now supported