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Planview Customer Success Center



Q: Do we need everyone to create a Planview ID account before we activate Platform Admin? What happens to a user that doesn’t follow instructions to create it?

A: Yes, everyone should have created their Planview ID account before you activate Planview ID in Platform Admin. If a user hasn’t created their account before Planview ID is activated, they will have to go through the Forgot Password process to finish creating their account before they will be able to sign in.



Q: Say on Monday we send the email to users inviting them to create a Planvew ID account, but we don’t activate Planview ID until Friday. Do users use their “old” credentials until Friday? 

A: Yes, all users will continue to use their “old” credentials until Planview ID is activated.



Q: I understand that the product URLs for signing in stay the same. Can I create a new Planview ID account with the same user ID and password as I have in PPM Pro so I wouldn’t care what happens in between getting the email and the activation? Otherwise, I would need to know when the activation happens so that I start using my new password. 

A: Great question! All Planview ID accounts will be created with the user’s email as their user ID/login. So, if your user ID in PPM Pro is already, then you could absolutely use the same user ID/password combination for your Planview ID account.



Q: Our process today is to create an account in PPM Pro, and then as projects are synchronized with Projectplace, the IDs are created in Projectplace. During the set up where I connect PPM Pro to Planview ID, will it take all users in PPM Pro only? What about users that have been sent invitations to join Projectplace outside of our process?

A: The recommended process would be to import your PPM Pro users and your Projectplace users separately. So, if you have “rogue” users in Projectplace, they will get imported into Planview ID without needing a special invitation, but you will have visibility into those accounts in Planview ID.



Q: I created a Planview ID user and then created a user in my Planview application; when I performed a sync, the user in the application was not mapped to the Planview ID user. What happened?

A: If Planview ID doesn't find a user with a matching email address (say you entered a typo in the user's email address in the Planview application), but the email address is valid, Platform Admin will create a new Planview ID user with that email address, and your original Planview ID user will remain unmapped. You can map the errant user to the one you created. For more information, see Mapping a User.



Q: What web browsers are supported by Planview Admin?

A: Planview Admin currently supports Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. This will be for both computer browser and mobile browser. Application specific support is considered seperate from Planview Admin support though.