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Strategy Portfolio View Screen Basics

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You are viewing content for Planview® Enterprise One release – Portfolio and Resource Management.

The Strategy Portfolio View gives you both an overview of the strategies in a portfolio and easy access to the details of each strategy in the portfolio.

To access the Strategy Portfolio View screen:

  1. On the Strategies menu, click the relevant portfolio and then click Portfolio View. For help with menus, see Menu Basics.

In essence, the Strategy Portfolio View is a configurable container, allowing you and your organization to define strategy actions and information that are most important for you. As with most portfolio views, the Strategy Portfolio View includes the following screen elements:

Portfolio Manager Tile

Some portfolio types, including Strategy portfolios, also provide the Portfolio Manager tile, which lists all of the items in the portfolio in a grid. For more information, see About the Portfolio Manager Tile and Working in Portfolio Summary Screens.

About the Group List

The screen includes the Group list if an administrator configured the system to support users focusing on projects by business capabilities or another attribute (such as program benefits or status). For more information about that list, see Working in Portfolio Summary Screens.

Strategy Portfolio View Screen's Action Menus

The Strategy Portfolio View screen's action menus include options discussed in Menu Options for Portfolios as well as the options described in the following table.

Note: The names of the options available on your system might differ from those given in the following table because the name and available options are based on the Strategy structure's definition.



New Mission
New Objective
New Strategy
New Program

Opens the New screen, which you can use to add a child to the selected strategic entity.

The New option is available only if you have read/write grants on the selected strategic entity.

Program Roadmap


Opens the Schedule screen, which you can use to create, edit, and delete milestones for a strategic entity and associate a strategic entity with releases and remove such associations.


Lets you save a strategy baseline of an individual strategic entity.

Outcome Roadmap

Opens the Schedule screen, which you can use to change an outcome's target datescreate, edit, and delete milestones for an outcome, set outcome-stage finish dates, and associate an outcome with releases and remove such associations.

Baseline Lets you save an outcome baseline of an individual strategic entity.
Additional Options
Associate Work

Lets you associate an outcome with work or associate a strategic entity with work.

Associate Outcome Opens the Data Picker, which you can then use to associate a strategic entity with an outcome.
Delete Outcome Deletes the selected outcome.

Delete Mission
Delete Objective
Delete Strategy
Delete Program

Deletes the selected strategic entity; budget items are deleted along with the strategic entity.

The Delete option is available under the following conditions:

  • You have read/write grants on the selected strategic entity.

  • The strategic entity does not have any children.

  • The strategic entity is not associated with any work or outcomes.