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Plan and Schedule

Capability Definition Business Outcomes
  • This capability supports the process to provide all of the information necessary in which to fully approve a project to move into Execution.
  • The Project Manager can develop a schedule and a baseline schedule for the project, composed of Phases/Stages, activities, tasks, milestones
  • The system will provide work type specific templates to drive the adoption of planning standards and increase Project Manager efficiency.
  • A rolling wave planning approach is supported, whereby an initial high level plan is used for role based resource planning.
  • Role based resource demand and Soft booking of named resources.
  • This capability supports the ability for the Project Manager to supply non-labor costs for the project
  • Snapshots of the project schedule (baselines) can be captured at various points in the lifecycle against which delivery performance can be monitored.
  • There is a single version of truth relating to the dates, milestones, activities and resource needs to deliver all project and non-project work.
  • Planning is carried out in a consistent way which facilitates the organizational wide consolidation of resource demand.
  • Demand is communicated to resource managers for staffing.