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Progressing Options for Allocations

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Based on the applied rules for allocations, the Progressing Engine will either expire or reschedule remaining allocation effort.

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The progressing options for allocations are controlled through the work alternate structure Progress Tasks & Allocations Options (WBS16) which has the following predefined values:

  • Respect Finish Dates
  • Respect Durations and Profiles
  • Expire Effort and Respect Finish Dates
  • Maintain Future Profile

The options applied can be set to an organizational wide default, by work type (through project schedule templates), or can be exposed to Project Managers to modify within their projects through the Work and Resource Manager in a column set. If the options are available for project managers to adjust then, if set at the level the value will inherit to all work items (activities) in the project. The value can be changed at any point within the below project level work hierarchy to adjust the behavior of specific parts of the project plan.

The behavior of each option can be summarized as follows:

  • Respect Finish Dates
    • If work is done at a slower rate than planned this option will "stack up" the remaining work into the future schedule duration to hold the schedule finish date if possible. Any changes in the remaining allocated effort will cause a scale up/down of the next segment of work based on the delta of planned to actual effort.
    • This ensures that the schedule finish date is kept constant.
    • If the utilization of a resource to a work items exceeds the maximum utilization setting, the schedule finish date will start to slip out.
  • Respect Durations and Profiles
    • This option preserves the originally planned allocation effort profile rather than the finish date, which may cause the task to slip.
    • Working in advance will bring the finish date in, working slower than planned will push the finish date. For example, if no time is reported to a task in a week when there is allocated effort, its duration/allocation profile will shift one week.
  • Expire Effort and Respect Finish Dates
    • Remaining (un-used) effort in the prior time period will expire.
    • Allocation profile for the future periods will remain.
  • Maintain Future Profile
    • Future profiles are not impacted if resource reports more or less time than planned, the effort planned in future remains as-is

In the following section each option is explained and illustrated in more detail, based on different scenarios: