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Understanding the Progressing Engine

This topic area is focused on the Progressing Engine and how it is a fundamental part of the project (work) planning and execution process and an important function in Planview Enterprise. It helps project and resource managers to gain an understanding of the "progress" of projects (work) in Planview Enterprise, and assists in the maintenance of the future schedule of the work that remains to be done to deliver the project. 

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Understanding Planned vs. Actual Effort

The Progressing Engine snapshots the planned effort (allocations, reserves, and planned standard activities) for each resource the first time that a new TIMEREPORT period is progressed. This data is available for analysis in the following reports:

The following Progressing Engine option determines when a snapshot is taken for a specific TIMEREPORT planned effort:

Capture TIME_PLANNED Records After Time Now (Progressing Engine version 2.3.0 and greater)

Best Practices to Onboard Inflight Projects

To successfully onboard inflight projects, Work Managers need to manage the actual and/or schedule dates for completed, started and future activities, so that this information is correctly represented on all reports.

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