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Deleting an Investment and Capacity Planning Scenario

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Why Delete a Scenario?

Scenarios may be deleted if they are no longer needed.

To delete a scenario:

  1. Next to the appropriate scenario, click  and then click Delete.



You cannot delete the shared scenario or working scenario​​.



Click to expand or shrink

Delete a Scenario


  1. Click Yes.



If you deleted the comparison scenario, the shared scenario automatically becomes the comparison scenario.



Prerequisites (Why Can't I Delete a Scenario?)

If you can't delete a scenario, contact your administrator to ensure that the following prerequisites are met.

User Role Features

The following features must be enabled on your user role.

Additional Prerequisites

Other Things to Review

  • You cannot delete the shared scenario or working scenario​​. If the scenario to be deleted is the working scenario, first select another scenario to review, then try to delete it.