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Deleting an Outcome's Work or Strategy Associations

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Why Delete an Outcome's Work Associations?

Delete an outcome's work associations if those associations are no longer needed to support the following tasks:

  • Track the effort, cost, and schedules required for developing and supporting the outcome.
  • Align outcomes with work to help ensure project delivery dates are tied to releases.
  • Roll up project costs to the outcome level so you can determine the total cost of development.

Why Delete an Outcome's Strategy Associations?

Delete an outcome's strategy associations if those associations are no longer needed to support the following tasks:

  • Tie a strategic plan to outcome execution.
  • Understand how the outcome aligns with the relevant strategic entity.
  • Determine the financial and schedule impact the outcome has on the relevant strategic entity, and vice versa.

Delete an Outcome's Work or Strategy Associations



Deleting an association only removes that association. It doesn't delete the outcome, work, or strategic entity.


To delete an outcome's work or strategy associations: 

  1. Click the appropriate tab (Associated Work or Associated Strategies).

    Depending on which tab you selected, it includes a row for each work item or strategic entity currently associated with the outcome.

  2. For each association you want to delete, repeat the following steps:

    1. On the appropriate row, click the action menu button > Delete Association Delete.

    2. Click OK.


    Delete Associations option on the Outcome View screen's Associated Work and Associated Strategies tabs

    Delete a work association or strategy association on the relevant tab



Prerequisites (Why can't I delete an outcome's work or strategy associations?)

If you can't delete an outcome's work or strategy associations, contact your administrator to ensure that the following prerequisites are met.

User Role Features

The following feature must be enabled on your user role.

Enabled Global or System Options


For Work Associations

For Strategy Associations

Additional Prerequisites

For Work Associations

  • The Associated Work tab is available to you on the Outcome View screen.

For Strategy Associations

  • The Associated Strategies tab is available to you on the Outcome View screen.