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Associating Strategic Entities with Outcomes

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You should keep the following information in mind as you modify financial allocation values of strategic entities:

  • When a strategic entity is associated with an outcome, the strategic entity's financial allocation value for that association is 0 (zero) percent. You can change that default value to a value that typically should be between 1 and 99.

  • When financial data is rolled-up, 0 percent values are ignored. This approach gives project managers and managers of a strategic plan or outcome plan the flexibility of rolling up data as needed without having to ensure that the total of all of the relevant financial allocations add up to 100 percent.

  • A strategic entity's financial allocation value can exceed 100 percent. Suppose a strategic entity's financial allocation value is set to 200 percent, and then $5 is entered for that strategic entity on the Financial Planning Detail screen. In that case, the application doubles the amount so that $10 is used when displaying, summarizing, or rolling up the strategic entity's financial data on a Portfolio View screen.



Prerequisites (Why can't I associate strategic entities with outcomes?)

The following prerequisites must be met before you can associate strategic entities with outcomes:

User Role Features

The following features must be enabled on your user role.


Additional Prerequisites

  • The strategic entity is at the lowest level of the Strategy structure.

  • The outcome is at the Outcome structure's lowest level.