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Setting Outcome-Stage Finish Dates

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You can set the date on which each outcome stage is to finish.

Outcome portfolio management supports setting stage finish dates for a particular outcome. If that outcome is associated with a strategic entity, you can also set the outcome's stage finish dates in strategic management.

To set outcome-stage finish dates:

  1. Navigate to the Outcome Portfolio View screen or Strategy Portfolio View screen.

  2. On the ribbon, click the Portfolio Manager tile. If the ribbon does not include the tile, add it.

  3. Click the action menu next to the appropriate outcome.

  4. Depending on your system's configuration, click Outcome Roadmap > Schedule or Schedule.

Details about the outcome's stages are displayed on the Schedule screen that appears.

  1. For each stage finish date you want to set, take the following steps:
    1. In the Date column, double-click the stage's relevant cell.

    2. Enter appropriate finish date by either typing the date (such as, 5/31/2020) or clicking the calendar button and then selecting the date on the calendar that appears. .

      The date you enter must be within the target start and target finish dates displayed on the screen.

Your settings are automatically saved.


Dig Deeper

  • The screen on which you set stage finish dates lists them in the order in which they appear in the PBS6 alternate structure, which an administrator should configure to reflect sequential order. As a result, stages listed earlier on the list cannot be set to finish after those displayed later on the list.

  • The Outcome Roadmap's preferences control whether the stages are displayed on that roadmap.

  • An administrator specifies the names and colors of the outcome stages on your system, and you cannot override those settings.

  • An outcome stage's finish dates are automatically adjusted in proportion to any changes made to that outcome's target start date or target finish date.

  • You cannot delete an outcome's target dates if outcome stages are defined.



Prerequisites (Why can't I set outcome-stage finish dates?)

If you can't set outcome-stage finish dates, contact your administrator to ensure that the following prerequisites are met.

Some of the prerequisites vary depending on whether you access the Schedule screen from the Outcome Portfolio View screen or Strategy Portfolio View screen.

User Role Features

The following features must be enabled on your user role.

From the Outcome Portfolio View Screen

From the Strategy Portfolio View Screen

Enabled Global or System Options

From the Outcome Portfolio View Screen


  • Read/write grants to the relevant outcome.

Additional Prerequisites