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OData Access for Planview Enterprise One


  • Data security on the Planview Enterprise One Cloud SaaS infrastructure means that direct database access is not possible
  • OData is the mechanism by which customers can access the database for reporting and analysis purposes, using the OData Open Data Protocol: standard protocol for consuming data through REST API’s
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How is OData Used in Planview Enterprise One

  • OData is the mechanism by which Power BI connects to data in the view Enterprise One cloud, across our product lines:

    • Power BI Desktop access

    • Power cloud access

    • In-Application PowerBI Report Tiles in Planview Enterprise One Release 16+

The following diagram illustrates the places where oData is used to provide reporting tools with access to data from Planview Enterprise One - Portfolio and Resource Management:

oData in PRM.png

Using OData with Other Business Intelligence Tools and Data Access Initiatives

  • OData can be used to connect alternative business intelligence tools to Planview Enterprise One data

  • These business intelligence tools must support OData 3.0 and include QlikView and Tableau

  • Users must authenticate with a Planview Enterprise One user ID and the user must have the Download via OData user role feature, which is subject to an additional license fee

  • Data from the transactional database or the datamart can be accessed, through a custom SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) query

Changes in Dataset Naming Conventions

Note: For releases prior to Planview Enterprise One release 15.8.0 – PRM and Planview Enterprise One release 16 – PRM, any existing Power BI Desktop report connected to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) standard datasets through OData needs to have its dataset name adjusted before using the report in Planview Enterprise One release 15.8.0 – PRM, Planview Enterprise One release 16 – PRM, or later releases for the first time. For more information, see OData Dataset Naming Convention Changes.