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Microsoft Outlook Add-In


The Microsoft Outlook Add-In provides end users with the ability to access Planview Enterprise One – Portfolio and Resource Management report tile (FastTrack and custom SSRS reports) directly from Microsoft Outlook, using the Analytics Side Bar.

User Experience

  • Following installation of the Microsoft Outlook Add-In, users will see the PVE Analytics Add In in the Add-Ins menu in Outlook.
  • The Add-In is configured to connect to the customer server, for example: 
    https: //
  • The user must authenticate onto their Planview Enterprise One – PRM server; the Analytics Side Bar will then display in Outlook.
  • The Analytics Side Bar matches the user's Planview Enterprise One – PRM menu options and will list all report tiles (for FastTrack and for custom SSRS Reports) that the user has set in their Planview Enterprise One – PRM ribbon for each menu.
  • Clicking a report tile name in the Analytics Side Bar will open a new window, and the report will execute and display.
  • If the report includes user parameters, these will need to be set before the report executes.
  • If the report is portfolio-based, a portfolio selection parameter is displayed where the user can switch between portfolios and execute the report again.