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Project Closure Checklist Template

About the Document

This Project Closure Checklist template (in MS/Word format) can be downloaded, modified, and used as needed.

At the closure of a project, it is important to capture lessons learned, obtain customer feedback, transition the product or service to support mode, schedule a follow-up to assess whether the benefits have been delivered, and more. This template offers a checklist of items to consider.

A WORD OF CAUTION: While capturing lessons learned and customer feedback is important at the close of a project, it is equally important to capture this information throughout the project at each stage gate. Many organizations only capture this information during project closure (if at all), when it's too late to make course corrections for the project in question. In addition, if these items aren't considered throughout the project, much will be forgotten by the time the project is finished.  Lastly, if lessons learned are captured, it goes without question that there must be some follow-up. If applicable, the appropriate processes must be modified as a result of the lesson In addition, the project initiation phase should include some sort of review of past lessons learned. Yet this is often forgotten, and thus what exists is merely lessons captured, not lessons learned.