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Enablement White Paper: Improving Adoption: Why Enablement Matters

About the Document


Without a doubt, the most significant indicator of success for any new process or software implementation is whether or not people embrace it and use it, which, to a large extent, is determined by how relevant they feel it is. This special Enablement White Paper: Improving Adoption: Why Enablement Matters, explores a variety of factors related to adoption—and its chief producer, enablement. Topics include:

  • The state of adoption today and the value of improving it
  • How to break the “change barrier” and communicate with purpose and relevance
  • The connection between capabilities and enablers
  • How to craft an Enablement Strategy for continued success
  • Guidelines and considerations for effective change implementation

With a clear understanding of the importance of adoption; the variables that influence adoption; and the enablement strategies that can ensure a smooth transition, you will be way ahead of most organizations that simply “implement a solution” and mistakenly expect people to readily accept it with open arms.