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Enablement White Paper: 50 Ways to Lead Your Users: Driving Cultural and Operational Change

About the Document

This special Enablement White Paper: 50 Ways to Lead Your Users, offers a variety of tips and techniques for addressing the three stages of software adoption:

  • The Planning: Strategies for Success - offers practices you can implement immediately that will get your initiative off on the right foot. Steps taken here will make your job easier as you get further in the process.
  • The Message: Getting the Point Across - outlines how you can best frame and then communicate your message in a way that grabs people attention, and more importantly, their interest.
  • The People: Driving Engagement - suggests tools for getting people actively involved, motivating them to stay involved, and removing the barriers that cause resistance in the first place.

Collectively, these techniques can turbo-charge any software implementation. Keep in mind, however, that these are merely tools in a toolbox, and not all the tips included will apply to every situation or organizational environment. As you read the document, make note of the tips that apply to your specific implementation.