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Adding Versions of Financial-Planning Models

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Versions of financial-planning models are the basis for which all analysis is done in investment and capacity planning. One recommendation is to create a version that is locked from editing but is not locked from loading. That version can be used when creating a portfolio used in investment and capacity planning. Scenarios can be created based on the version, and data in each scenario can be used to compare against the version.


To add a new version:

  1. On the appropriate row, click the action menu button and then click Configure Versions.

  2. Click Add Version.

  3. On the Edit/Add Version screen that appears, enter information as described in the table that follows this procedure. 



    Before entering that information, you should be familiar with the business rules that apply to loading models and versions.


Edit/Add Version Screen Elements


Business Rules that Apply to Loading Models and Versions



Prerequisites (Why can't I add versions to a financial planning model?)

If you can't add versions to a financial planning model, contact your administrator to ensure that the following prerequisites are met.

User Role Features

The following feature must be enabled on your user role.

Enabled Global or System Options


  • None